Panasonic Panaboards

As the digital world continues to accelerate, your business will be expected to keep up. Whether you have a big presentation coming up or need to teleconference with someone across the world a Panasonic Panaboard can take your business to the next level.

You have the opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce meeting times with the help of Panaboards by Panasonic. These interactive whiteboards make custom presentations easier than ever. With the ever-changing business environment, you need to be able to adapt your presentations to keep up. Panaboards offer a cost-effective way to integrate real-time global teleconference solutions into your office.

Interactive panaboards contain a variety of business-expanding features, such as:

Remote PC Operation:

The electronic pen can be used like a mouse to control all computer applications and save meeting notes and drawings to your computer

Pointing Technology:

Infrared technology accurately senses screen position

Interactive Electronic Whiteboard:

Like a regular whiteboard, you can make notes and drawings on the Panaboard as many times as you want. However, you won’t have to worry about transcribing them later. Instead you can print then out on the built-in printer

Colorful Electronic Pens:

Colorful pens allow you to make notes or highlight a section of the projected image

High-Quality Projector Screen:

A high-quality screen will display crisp data without reflecting light or shadows

2 Screen Capability:

You can easily use a single Panaboard for two-panel operation

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