There are lines on my copies!

This is one of most common service calls we get

When clients call in with this, the first thing we ask is if the lines are on prints as well.  If the lines are just showing up on copies, then the slit glass needs to be cleaned and it is an easy fix.  When the originals go through the feeder they are scanned by the slit glass.  This is the thin strip of glass located on the far left when the cover is open (see picture below).  Small specks of dirt, ink, glue, dust, etc will result in lines.  To clean, use glass cleaner and a dust-free rag, such as microfiber.  A little elbow grease may be needed to get stuck on ink or glue off.

If the lines are showing up on prints and/or copies made from the glass, then it's an internal issue that will required a service technician.  Give us a call and we will get those pesky lines taken care of!